Nent Esport

About us

NENT “Nordic E-Sport Entertainment“ is an E-sport organisation that aims to provide entertainment in all forms of streaming. Anything from RP to professional play, world first races, and alike. Entertainment is equal in our eyes!

Nent started 2019 with the goal to compete on the world first race in World Of Warcraft. We had a good team and offering salary to every player involved. In the end we run into complications that was simply required a larger timetable then we had.

We reworked the project and change the direction, and setup teams for any game we like. It can be a role playing team in GTA to world top Mythic + teams. Our idea here is to help new or current players and streamers to get that extra kick start. It can be setting up streaming graphics, selling commercials, arrange giveaways etc.

If you are a streamer that are in a team you like, that is all fine for us, we can sale and help in so many ways!

Nent Sale Team

About our goal

Our sales time have been working with sale commercials for TV and Radio stations.
The key to success is motivation, and learning is to have fun, and we are truly passionate about computers and the gaming industry. Not only that it is fun to play games, but we also love how gaming, in general, include everyone and don’t judge you if you look different, etc.

Our sales team have an extraordinary ability to create customer relationships and, together with a lot of energy, drive, and curiosity, has take us fare with a large customer base in load of different businesses.

We are ready to sales adds, banners, build up sponsor relations to new and legacy streamers and teams to help them grow on the market of Esports.