NENT E-sport

About us

NENT “Nordic E-sport Entertainment“ is an organisation that is looking to further push the definition of what E-sport is today!

NENT E-sport was created with the idea of becoming part and giving to the world of E-sport and create new opportunities for people of all backgrounds within gaming, entertainment (streaming/youtube), and E-sport to get a foot in the business.

Our vision is to further push what entertainment and the concept of E-sport is to new heights as the scene grows.

With that in mind we are looking to collaborate with people of all entertainment and professional backgrounds within gaming.
To grow together and create new opportunities for all parties alike.
To help and support players become part of the pro scene as well as help the streams under our banner grow.

NENT Sales Team

About our background

Our sales team have been working with sales commercials for TV and Radio stations.
The key to success is motivation and learning is to have fun and we are truly passionate about computers and the gaming industry.
Not only are games our main focus but to create an all inclusive community for everyone to be part of.

Our sales team have an extraordinary ability to create customer relationships and together with a lot of energy, drive, and curiosity has taken us far with a wide customer base in a load of different businesses.

We are ready to make sales ads, banners, and build up sponsor relations to both new and established streamers and teams to help them grow on the market of E-sports.